Corporate Commercial Services____________________

At Feenix Consultant, our consultants understand the need to provide flexible services from End to End, and understand the business environment both the legal and technical aspects. 

Together with our unique Mentoring services, we offer a wide range of flexible corporate/commercial, notarial and legal services to help business of all sizes to expand their operations and mitigate commercial and legal risks.


Feenix Consultant – As Business agents, we help entrepeneurs resolve legal and business issues by offering pragmatic and and simple solutions.


How We Can Help You?

We can offer template contracts or review your template.

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we support them on:


Shareholder agreements


Powers of Attorney


Statutory Declarations

Copy Passports

Copy Documents

Written Statements

Application Forms

Education certificates

Mortgage Documents

Business sales and purchases

Expanding your business operations to other countries can be challenging due to cultural differences, stringent government regulations, and currency risk. 

At Feenix Consultant, our team comprises competent international business expansion consultants committed to providing you with high-quality services to enhance your business operations.

Making international 

Legalisation is the process of authenticating or certifying a document so that a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it as having full legal effect.

In many cases, your documents may not only require to be notarised but also legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (by way of apostille) and/or by the embassy of the country where the documents will be used.

If your documents need to be legalised or apostilled we will be able to liaise with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the appropriate embassy or consulate on your behalf.

Often this type of work requires to be done in a hurry and cross boarders, and clients may not have the time to deal with the legalisation process. We can handle all of these steps for you and can also expedite the process where required

If you intend to invest overseas, contact us for international business consulting services

We develop business plans for companies that want to expand internationally. Also, we conduct due diligence and international market research to determine risks, requirements and the right market for your products.

In today’s business scenario, procurement leaders are supposed to work with business advisers to mitigate business risks, optimize costs, and accelerate their performance.

As procurement services consulting company, Feenix Consultants will help you manage your procurement processes to achieve efficient and effective business operations and support you managing your third-party partners.

With our expertise in procurement advisory services, we can guide your company to combine strategy, technology, and operations to deliver excellent business outcomes.

Our procurement experts will help you achieve your goals through different approaches, as explained below.

  • Supply risk management

In today’s complex procurement environment, it is challenging to identify and mitigate risks effectively. Feenix Consultants helps clients identify and manage risks through appropriate risk management strategies. We believe that our approaches will help your company prevent vulnerability and enhance enterprise continuity.

  • Opportunity assessment

Feenix Consultants’ procurement team can assess and identify opportunities tailored to your unique business needs. Our procurement team can establish and prioritize opportunities based on saving potential and implementation. Before identifying the right opportunity, we analyze data based on suppliers and purchase orders to make informed decisions.

  • Procurement transformation

Due to the dynamic nature of procurement roles, firms are managing their costs while championing enterprise growth. As a procurement services company, we will help you grow and deliver sustainable performance. Our procurement services consulting experts will align your practices with current business needs to spur remarkable growth.

Many procurement services companies find it challenging to help their clients implement transformation strategies. At Feenix Consultants, we uniquely support our clients from the beginning to the end. More importantly, our consultants are committed to helping clients achieve impressive financial results.

If your company is facing procurement challenges, take action but don’t sit back and wait. Contact us at any time for procurement advisory services.



The business environment is continuously being disrupted by technological advances, stiff competition, or dynamic business models. Our management consulting analysts will help you address challenges impeding your progress. We are committed to working alongside you to identify your business problems and enhance your success.

As one of the most innovative management consulting companies, Feenix Consultants focuses on clients’ crucial issues and opportunities in marketing, operations, strategy, customer experience and cost transformations.

Here is a summary of what we do to help you.

  • Sales and marketing

Our marketing team will help you achieve tremendous growth in your revenues through customer focus strategy. We analyze your clients’ needs and give practical solutions to enhance their experiences.

  • Strategy

An excellent strategy is the best weapon you can use to manage business disruptions. Our management consulting analyst will offer you practical solutions to help you implement winning strategies. As a management consulting firm, we understand how to apply our capabilities, tools, and technologies to achieve sustained business performance.

  • Commercial transactions

Most companies find it challenging to sign sustainable commercial contracts. Our experts can help you review critical terms and negotiate on your behalf with suppliers or vendors to achieve a successful agreement.

At Feenix Consultants, we are committed to ensuring that your commercial transactions succeed. We use the right strategies to build your commercial team. Our consulting partners take due diligence to ensure that all aspects are addressed before the integration.

  • Cost transformation

Prudent cost transformation is an essential aspect that strengthens your organization and enhances customer experience. At Feenix Consultants, we use a holistic approach to enable you to adopt sustainable cost management practices.

Digitizing your business can be expensive in terms of labour and materials if not planned accordingly. Our cost consultant will help you adopt the best cost management strategies to eliminate wastage.

If your business is not doing well, contact us for management consulting services, and we will be glad to help you.


Making international investments can be risky if you are not conversant with foreign trade. However, with our corporate services consultants, you will get excellent strategies to make prudent investments.

If you intend to invest overseas, contact us for international business consulting services

Through our international business consulting services, we will help you identify potential overseas partners and sign contracts on suitable terms with local suppliers. We can support you or conduct a full service of incorporating new entities and manage these on your behalf.

Business Contract Review & Analysis

Many organizations are not aware that contracts are legal agreements that entail the transfer of risks, and therefore, they need the review to coach them from legal actions.

Contracts, such as leases, employment contracts, purchase orders, and sales agreements, can lead to legal tussles if either party contravenes the terms.

At Feenix Consultant, our contract review analysts will scrutinize your company agreements to ensure that they comply with various regulatory requirements and can offer you mentoring during the negotiaton process.

In our contract review process, we use a checklist to ensure that we attend to all aspects regarding your organization’s contracts

A Contract Review Checklist

At Feenix Consultant, our contract review consultants will study your agreement to ascertain whether it has all the crucial components. 

Some of the critical things in our contract review checklist:

  • Parties involved

  • Services to be provided

  • Payment details

  • Project timelines

  • Liabilities and Penalties

  • Termination particulars

  • SLA’s

  • Ownership of materials and IP terms

  • Procedures of handling of disputes

  • Communication details

  • Term of additional services