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Businesses Are Built By Networking – Forbes –

No matter what you’re doing in business— trying to hire the best talent, solving a business problem or finding the most economic or effective way to address a business challange  or expanding into a new venture—knowing the right people will help get you there faster.

Several entrepeneurs and investors out there are struggling to seek personal business support with mentoring services or find affordable bespoke consultancy services due to the existing overheads or high charges imposed by legal firms which need to provide you the long legal advice whcih often are protected with all qualifiers.  

At Feenix Consultant, we believe entrepeneurs, family business owners or investors during their journey need to receive flexible business services with mentoring to enable individuals to gain further understand on the business environment both the legal, compliance, technical and nuence aspects from experts in the industry, to enable the next generation of leaders to sucessed where others have found challanges. 

That is why our Consultancy services with mentoring are different. We offer a wide range of flexible business services with Mentoring to help entrepeneurs, family business owners or investors to enhance their performance to help them achieve their goals.


Our mission is to Mentor entrepreneurs, individuals and business to quickly launch successfully their new ideas or ventures in the market, or solve complex issues to enable the parties to achieve their business goals. 

Starting a new business can be an uphill task due to entry barriers, such as limited capital, inadequate market knowledge, stringent government regulations, and lack of access to distribution channels. With Feenix Consultant and our network of partners, you will get practical solutions to overcome these challenges.

Whether you are an individual or micro or large enterprise, we are committed to working with you during your ventures or challenges ahead.


Why You Should Seek Consulting Services with Mentoring? ______________

There are many parties providing great quality services but at a premium cost and very specialised in one single area.

However, individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses require to have the opportunity and flexibility to get the same quality services with the additional benefit of mentoring them in their journey.

It can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about seeking a vast amount of services under one provider with a customer focus.  If you looking to start a new venture or are in a journey seeking a helping hand, contact Feenix Consultant for help.



How We Can Help You? ______________

We provide a complete service – Our comprehensive ‘one stop’ service includes seeking  and providing legal consultancy, notarisation, drafting and/or reviewing documents, legalisation/apostille of documents and translation of documents.

In addition, we offer you the ability to have a weekly catch up with one of our designated Consultants where we Mentor you through situations where you may need a second opinion or inside knowledge or ways to overcome a specific challange.

See below some of our services we can offer you.

We provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Notarisation
  • Drafting and Reviewing
  • Legalisation and Apostille
  • Translation of documents

These services are provided to businesses and individuals by our Notary Public

Our experienced marketing team will help you develop a strong brand and create awareness. A strong brand depends on many factors, such as customer service, company logo, and many more. We always work with new ventures to help them grow their brands

We do feasibility studies to determine whether your business idea is workable. For instance, we conduct due diligence to establish any Intellectual Property rights, onerous terms in commercial agreements, the level of demand and competition for your products and services in a particular sector, etc

We value our clients’ views, and therefore, we liaise with them to develop practical and achievable business plans. Our financial experts will help you create a business plan that will help you succeed in business and convince financiers to support your goals

We train startups on business management, key legal issues on certain legal documents, business capital, financial management, and customer service. We believe that through our coaching services, you will become more innovative, especially on strategies and products.