Sophisticated Business Services

on a more personal scale.

Whether you’re looking for Legal, Notarial services, starting a new international assignment with relocation, new business or expanding, the process is always nerve-wracking.

We focus on Mentoring together with providing trusted advice and tailored, sophisticated strategies for individuals and entrepeneurs.


A Creative Personal Business Agent / mentor

Are you a business owner or planning to venture into entrepreneurship? If yes, you must have a clear picture of how your business or ventures will operate.

More often than not, you’ll have to perform two or more roles in the early stages of the company, or seek additional advice from various parties.

At Feenix Consultant, we belive not just offering consultancy services, but also mentoring our clients. It’s the route to enable you to become more inspirational and more effective leader.

We’re here to take such tasks off your hands and support the growth of your business or allow you to liaise with one single entity for all the services you need.

We represent business entrepreneur as agents or independently to handle and procure various services as required.

Your Co-Pilot and Mentor In Your Ventures

Providing Mentoring with our bespoke Business Services, to bring the best out of the people you lead.

Our approach is simple and iterative. We believe our unique offering with Mentoring generates confidence, inspires trust and creats opportunities for passionate innovators that want to change the world.

CEO’s Need Mentors Too. – “Harvard Business Review

Benefits Of Engaging Us

As a brand, our focus is to see family businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, no matter where they are located. That’s why we’re continually working on adding more partners and services to make the process seamless, pleasant, and productive for you. Save your precious time and let us help you achieve your goals.


We help you plan, start, run and grow your business or procure the services you need.


Solidify your business idea or plans with an expert level business consultant with local knowledge.


Protect your family business, investment projects with legal support; Negotiate better deals with clear and legally binding contract terms.


Streamline your processes and execute hundreds of important business tasks and projects much more easily.

About Us & What Can You Expect?

We are dedicated to coach and provide you and your family business with continuous business support. Our consultants are focused on developing and procuring a range of services to provide new and innovative solutions to your challenges. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers to properly understand how we can help them achieve their goals.


we have a robust network of partners across various regions.
These partners provide ancillary services, including banking solutions, marketing, notarization, and legal services. So, regardless of your needs, be sure we have the right team and partners to get it done for you.

Professionalism / Privacy

Our service promise to our clients and our delivery promise. With our inside industry knowledge with a proven reputation for delivering outstanding work and a highly skilled network, excellence, professionalism and privacy is at the heart of everything we do.


We can offer Commercial Due Diligence, Digital Transformation and Strategy, Offshore Incorporation, Commercial Services and much more, with a focus on costs and being effective.

Some of Our Services

  • Opening bank accounts in foreign jurisdictions
  • Incorporating your company in foreign jurisdictions
  • Business expansion
  • Branding and marketing
  • Business advice including Tax consultation
  • Procurement of Notarial and Legal Services

Strategy & Management

By making the right connections, we help ambitious companies, individuals and family business affect significant growth, by helping and coaching navigating risk to unlocking a competitive advantage, explore insights to help accelerate growth, capital and wealth potential.

Our innovative business model and deep network of partners, allows us to respond quickly to challenges and create meaningful results. We work in a flexible way focusing on the end result to help you succeed in an ever-changing business landscape environment.

Get to Market Faster

Companies know they’re vulnerable to digital disruption. We guide companies currently investing where the risks (and opportunities) are the highest.

The longer you take to seize a business opportunity, the more it’ll slip from your hands. So, instead of figuring things out as you go, leverage our experience, expertise, and partnerships to get things done faster.

So contact us today to get to market faster with our efficient business agent services. We’ll handle everything from legalization to procuring marketing and legal services.

Trusted by more than 10,000 businesses

Our work has been awarded or featured on:


Navigating Legal IP Issues in Developing and Licensing RAN Technology Solutions in the Telecommunications Sector

Achieving Sustainability: The Case for Net Zero Policies

Offshore Banking and Singapore – Pros and Cons

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